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CNG Filling Compressor (BX6CNG)

This high pressure compressor CNG Filling Compressor is supplied by us from the city of Wenling; Zhejiang. The compressor has reached the standards of ventilating in national design grade and is used in coal mines, military, ships, diving and marine industries. The instrument has reached GB18435-2001 standard. We have successfully achieved world class levels as the products accord with EN10221 international standards of breathing air. The model of the instrument we supply is BX6CNG.The capacity is 6 m3/h air deliveries. The weight of the whole instrument is about 93 KG with a dimension of 50cm(H)X40cm(W)X80cm(D).It consumes a power of 2.2KW while producing a noise of less than 76Db.

Technical Specification

Model Pressure
Air delivery Driven Power Noise Weight Dimension
psi m3/h cfm v KW Db(A) kg cm
BX6CNG 250 3625 6 3.5 380 2.2 <76 93 50×40×80

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