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Liquid Nitrogen Generator (10L /HR)

Liquid Nitrogen Generator (10L /HR) is exported and supplied by us from Wenling City, Zhejiang.  Being a topmost exporter and supplier we promise to deliver the product in the least turnaround time. The product guarantees efficiency, durability and low maintenance costs to the clients. It is highly reliable and safe.  It finds its application in air purification, chemicals, metallurgy, food, pharmaceuticals, hospitals etc.


Project Analysis

  • The Division - is engaged in research and development design, manufacture nitrogen plant, oxygen plant equipment and liquid nitrogen purification devices, purification devices and other professional firms. Products are widely used in air purification oil, energy, electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, power generation, pharmaceutical, food, hospitals and other sectors of the various air compressor systems.
  • For different requirements of different users in different sectors of the nitrogen used to provide personalized, professional nitrogen production equipment, fully satisfy the gas requirements of different users.
  • According to your company's gas requirements, selection model BPN-30Nm3 / h of gaseous nitrogen means a production purity of 97% -99.9995%, then the choice of four-cylinder Stirling refrigerator production of liquid nitrogen output 20L / h liquefaction apparatus.


Technical Indicators

  • The air gauge pressure - 0.8MPa (intake pressure)
  • Liquid Nitrogen yield - 10 ~ 40L / h
  • Nitrogen gas purity - ≥97% -99.9995%
  • Liquid Nitrogen outlet pressure - 0.1MPa
  • Dew poin t : -60


The Principle

  • BPN series of liquid nitrogen equipment is based on the pressure swing adsorption principle, the use of high-quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, at a certain pressure, take nitrogen from the air system. After purification dry compressed air, pressurized adsorption in adsorber, desorption decompression. Because of kinetic effects, carbon molecular sieve oxygen diffusion rate than nitrogen micropores, when adsorption equilibrium is not reached, the nitrogen be enriched in the gas phase to form nitrogen products. Then to other atmospheric pressure, adsorbent desorption of oxygen and other impurities, to achieve regeneration. General settings in the system of two absorption tower, a tower production of nitrogen adsorption, desorption regeneration of another tower, through the PLC program automatic control, so that the two towers cycles. Nitrogen products in liquid nitrogen and then output through the Stirling refrigerator.
  • The machine has a simple process, normal production, high degree of automation, easy start-stop, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, low production costs.

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